12 September 2019

"Valter Baldaccini. A great man, a great friend”

There was no shortage of emotions on the evening of September 9th. Family, friends, employees, representatives of institutions, and the clergy filled the Ettore Thesorieri Theatre and the square in front for the presentation of the book “Valter Baldaccini: A great man, a great friend”, written by Ottaviano Turrioni, one of his closest friends. 

The book, published by Morlacchi Editore, was born out of the Valter Baldaccini Foundation’s desire to keep his memory alive, reveal his distinctiveness, and share the adventure of an unforgettable friendship. In the author’s words: “From my youth, I shared the gift of a sincere, fraternal friendship with Valter that was based on the common search for profound values to guide our lives. His death, however, did not interrupt the bond that allowed us to have challenging, but pleasant experiences that are always animated by his cheerful and smiling character. In fact, every day, memory reconnects the broken thread, and images resurface animated by an extraordinary personality, that of a joyful man, true to his principles until the end”

The book tells the story of Valter’s life, from his youth to the last moments of his earthly life. Born into a humble family, and loosing his father at a young age, he first distinguished himself in his studies. He then used his uncommon human and technical talents to establish UMBRAGROUP. A man guided by a profound Christian faith, he always acted with generosity and respect placing people at the center of all his activities: in sport, first as a footballer, then as President of the ASD Cannara Sport Association; in work relationships, and in promoting humanitarian projects in his own territory an in Africa, to help those most in need. Valter was also a father and a husband, for whom the family was a precious gift and a core value.

Initiative participants, which was supported by the Municipality of Cannara, included Fabrizio Gareggia, the mayor of Cannara; Ottaviano Turrioni, the book’s author; Mons. Domenico Sorrentino, the Bishop of Assisi, Gualdo Tadino and Nocera; Beatrice Baldaccini, President of the Valter Baldaccini Foundation; Marco Moschini, Professor of Theoretical Philosophy at the University of Perugia; and Fabio Luccioli, Director of Radio Gente Umbra.

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