20 December 2023

Gift and solidarity: the values that invite us to act

All the ways to act in solidarity and give oneself to others

Solidarity and giving are fundamental values that invite us to act for the good of our society. Valter Baldaccini himself on several occasions highlighted how solidarity is an essential value that should guide our daily actions, and, for this reason, he dedicated his life to promoting actions of solidarity towards others. "Solidarity is something we should all be aware of, it is one of the values that defines who we are and who we will be" (Umbra Cuscinetti Assembly, 26 January 2011).

It was precisely from this fundamental value that the Valter Baldaccini Foundation and all the solidarity projects it carries out were born.

The profound meaning of solidarity

Solidarity goes beyond the simple act of giving: it is a profound feeling of closeness, sharing and support towards anyone in situations of need, difficulty, or vulnerability, regardless of differences in ethnicity, religion or social status. Solidarity can also be defined as a feeling of unity, support, and mutual responsibility between individuals in a community, underlining the importance of helping others and working together for the common good.

Not only that, but this value can also extend beyond the individual and involve the entire society, giving rise to a "social solidarity" in which we work together to create a fairer and more inclusive environment and to promote equality of opportunities. For the Valter Baldaccini Foundation, this concept of solidarity translates into concrete actions. The projects we carry out aim precisely to create conditions and opportunities for redemption for the most vulnerable people, such as our socio-work inclusion projects or our socio-educational projects. Through these initiatives, we are committed to offering support and growth opportunities to those in difficult situations, helping to build a more inclusive and just society.

A gift can make a difference in the life of someone who is in difficulty. Big gestures are not necessary to put this value into practice, but small daily gestures towards others are enough.

The gift of oneself to others

Self-giving is one of the deepest and most meaningful forms of solidarity, and it is a powerful way to demonstrate love and support towards others. Giving yourself to others involves putting aside your own personal needs and interests to focus on the well-being and needs of others.

Giving and giving of yourself, without necessarily making grand gestures and without expecting anything in return, have a huge impact on creating a more equitable and inclusive society. This altruistic act can take many forms, for example by making your time, resources, and skills available to other people.

All the ways to donate and give yourself to others

The Valter Baldaccini Foundation is rooted in the fundamental values of solidarity and giving. These values not only guide our projects but are embodied by the people who actively participate in the Foundation's activities on a daily basis. A tangible example of this commitment is represented by our volunteers, who dedicate their time and energy to support the various initiatives, including service at the Caritas canteen in Foligno. Volunteering represents only one of the many ways through which solidarity can be manifested. There are numerous other forms of solidarity, including:

  • Donate to a Foundation: contributing financially to charities is a direct way to support important causes and help those in need.
  • Adopting a child at a distance: through distance adoption programs, it is possible to provide financial support and resources to needy children, contributing to their well-being and education. Some of our initiatives, such as the distance support project in Kenya or the distance support project in Burkina Faso, are committed to guaranteeing children living in conditions of extreme poverty access to education, school materials and a hot meal.
  • Buy solidarity gifts and favors: choosing gifts that support charitable causes is a creative way to spread solidarity, allowing you to share joy with others while contributing to noble purposes.
  • Donate personal items: donating goods such as food, necessities, household items or other items to reliable organizations that redistribute them to those in need is a concrete gesture of solidarity that can improve the lives of those less fortunate.
  • Leaving a gift in your will: this gesture demonstrates a commitment to supporting charitable causes and non-profit organizations even after your passing, making a lasting contribution to causes that have a positive impact on society.

Donate now and support the Foundation's projects, even the smallest gesture of solidarity can make a huge difference in the life of a person in difficulty!

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