23 August 2023

The project dedicated to the training of women in Ukraine has been completed

In the latest issue of "From the roots", the Valter Baldaccini Foundation periodical, we told you about a work and social inclusion project which we were able to implement in Ukraine thanks to a collaboration developed with the National Polytechnic University of Lviv.

Due to the war, Ukraine is facing numerous difficulties, one of which is a major problem of internal migration. Many people are fleeing from the areas most affected by the bombings and moving to more peaceful regions of the country.

Many displaced women from the most problematic areas also reach Lviv (Lviv) and here they need to rebuild their lives and reintegrate into society. Lviv was not spared from the bombings. In fact, on July 6th even the University’s dormitory with which we collaborate was hit and partly destroyed; nevertheless, this city has become a refuge and a place to try to start over for many people .

The training course and the group of professionals

These women who were forced to flee, were the focus of our training course conceived by the team of the Polytechnic University and supported by the Valter Baldaccini Foundation.

The group of professionals who worked tirelessly to offer this opportunity was made up of:

  • Professor Nataliya Chukhray, Doctor of Economics and Vice Rector for Scientific and Pedagogical Work and International Relations;
  • Professor Oleg Karyi, Doctor of Economics and Head of the Department of Organizational Management;
  • Professor Maryana Gvozd, PhD candidate in Economics and associate lecturer in the Department of Organizational Management;
  • Professor Kateryna Protsak, PhD candidate in Economics and Associate Lecturer in the Department of Organizational Management;
  • Professor Ulyana Ivanyuk, PhD candidate in Economics and associate lecturer of the Department of Organizational Management;
  • Orest Vasylko, Director of the Italian-Ukrainian Cooperation Center "Leonardo da Vinci".

Through the course, which is offered online, we helped the women acquire new skills and highlighted the professional development opportunities available despite the hostility of the conflict. Participants were assisted in defining their goals, acquiring new skills, and managing emotions related to the life change imposed by the conflict.

Impact and results: Stories of rebirth and courage

103 women, aged between 18 and 60, from different regions of Ukraine, joined the course. Among them are different stories and experiences, all united by the need to reinvent their lives away from conflict. The testimonies of the women who participated in the course are touching and inspiring. Here are some of the testimonials from the students of the course:

  • Lesya, 36 years old, PhD, had to leave her beloved city of Kharkiv and her job at the State Biotechnological University to take refuge in Lviv. Strengthened by her considerable experience in teaching and research, she was convinced that she could readily find employment at the University of Lviv. However, the reality turned out to be more complex than expected. Despite the challenges encountered, thanks to the educational experience offered by this project, Lesya was able to secure a long-term contract in one of the University's departments.
  • Iryna, originally from Zaporizhzhia, underlined the importance of dialogue and debate with other women in similar situations during the training course. Her empathy and mutual understanding made her stronger. Thanks to this transformative experience, Iryna found the courage to start her own professional business in the field of copywriting and copywriting support services.
  • Natalia, a 60-year-old woman, saw a ray of hope in the training course, a new chapter in her life. Her life had always been rooted in Kramatorsk, a city from which she had to detach herself, leaving behind her husband, home, and a thirty-year career in the commercial sector. Thanks to the strength and courage awakened by the training course, she overcame her fears and opened a shop in her new hometown, thus starting a new chapter in her life.
  • Victoria, a 33-year-old young woman, originally from Bakhmut, in the Donetsk region, worked as a shop assistant before the conflict. However, her real dream has always been to become a hairdresser, for which she was adequately trained. The training course, by invigorating her confidence and strengthening her resolve, has rekindled the hope of realizing her dream. Victoria thus made the decision to apply for various grants with the aim of obtaining funds to start her hairdressing business, thus getting closer to her true desire.

Special thanks to our donors

This project was made possible thanks to the generosity of those who chose to donate to the Valter Baldaccini Foundation when war broke out in Ukraine. Since that fateful February 24, 2022, our commitment has been unceasing in finding a reliable partner in the area capable of responding to a real need.

To those who supported us with a donation to make this project a reality, our deepest and most sincere thanks. Without your support, this work would not have been possible.

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