18 May 2023

An article in the Gazzetta dedicated to the book composed of Valter Baldaccini’s writings

We were deeply impressed by this article written by Paola Pompei and published in the Gazzetta di Foligno on Sunday, May 14, 2023. The article fully captures the spirit of the book’s presentation evening and the reasons that prompted the Valter Baldaccini Foundation to collect the writings and the speeches of Valter Baldaccini, an extraordinary man.

We thank the author and Fabio Luccioli, the director of the magazine, for allowing us to publish it in its full version and we invite you to continue reading to discover the exciting reflections on Valter Baldaccini.

Valter Baldaccini: an enlightened entrepreneur at the service of the common good

"May a new age begin in which humanity finally finds that peace, which is the value on which others are grafted, because peace means life, growth, the search for improvement, in relationships with neighbors and in relationships between peoples" . In December 1999, Valter Baldaccini sent his Christmas greetings to his collaborators. This is just one of the many writings left by Valter, now collected in a book (FrancoAngeli Editore) edited by the Foundation of the same name and entitled "Valter Baldaccini: an enlightened entrepreneur at the service of the common good".

During the presentation, held on May 3rd, Fabio Luccioli noted that this can be considered a text written by Valter, a man of the past, whose words resonate with us today. The director of RGU and the Foligno Gazzetta draws a parallel between the significant history of Foligno’s Teatro San Carlo, where the event was hosted, and the past and present journey of this enlightened entrepreneur.

Beatrice Baldaccini thanked all those present: the authorities and friends from Cannara and Foligno, the Umbragroup employees and the book editors. She recalled the important commitment of the Foundation to aid the most vulnerable. "My father gave us a moral and spiritual legacy - declared Dr. Baldaccini - and in this context was born the book and our the Foundation, eight years ago".

The writings are a concentrate of good business practices, ethics, and empathy. They are teachings that recall the values that have always distinguished this man, father, husband, son and enlightened entrepreneur who always placed the person at the center of work. It could be defined as a text of civil economy applied in an historical period in which it was unknown. Valter embodied everything that is taught today, his writings also refer to the principles of Economy of Francesco.

It is no coincidence that the Bishop Monsignor Domenico Sorrentino recalled Valter’s commitments. He had the privilege of knowing Valter and was inspired by commitment to Christian values in everything he did. “He was enlightened by faith, looked to the future with hope, and wanted a fraternal world. Foligno deserved this book as much as Valter deserved” added Il Vescovo.

Giampietro Parolin who edited the introduction, Valter Baldaccini seeker and creator of meaning. The professor of Strategic Management at the University of Padua thanked Beatrice because he was able to get to know Valter thanks to his writings. “He made mutual commitments in public and cared about the relationship with everyone and for this he passed for apologies. He presented the market prospects in a national and international key, grasped the corporate identity, and changed its meaning; he was a civil entrepreneur who deals with civil economy, his path is very innovative”.

Finally Marco Moschini, professor of theoretical philosophy at the University of Perugia, made the audience relive the emotions felt in transcribing Valter's writings that he collected in the book. He believes that he knew they would never be lost, therefore he left a will in which the man of other times manifests himself as he was, rooted in a lived Christianity. "I guarantee you that I loved you" he wrote in April 2014 and again "together we sowed a great seed that will become a great plant"; from this phrase the Valter Baldaccini Foundation was born, one year after his passage to eternal life. The May 3rd event celebrated its first 8 years at the service of those in need of help. The active projects in Italy and around the world give continuity to the testimony of life present in the writings of its founding father and materialize in three areas, family, education, and work, those in which he believed and for which he spent his life. We too can act boldly so that the justice that God wants is realized in our little one and in the teaching that we can all learn from this extract of life.

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